Perfected TKL Keyboard

Fixes conventional keyboard's Annoyances that Everybody Dislikes,
but nobody else Dared or Knew How to Fix.

Manufactured using our New Custom‑Made INFRARED Mechanical switches
with Extraordinary Feeling and Great Tactility

Main Benefits

The Perfected TKL Keyboard provides an Enhanced layout:

Dual programmable spacebars, able to reprogram either separately.

Extra‑Wide Ctrl and Alt keys.

Dedicated Cut‑Copy‑Paste keys.

Multiple Media keys at your fingertips.

Minimized Windows and Menu keys.

Custom‑Made Optical Mechanical switches that emit and sense Infra‑Red (IR) light.

Slim Body made of high-grade Aerospace Aluminum alloy.

Nano-coating shield - making it water-resistant, dust-resistant, and even snack-resistant.

100% Anti‑Ghosting technology with Full N‑Key Rollover.

Bright White LED Backlight, 10 Brightness levels, and 8 Customizable Backlight profiles.

Enhanced Layout

Our Perfected design includes DUAL Programmable Wide Spacebar keys. Each separately can be easily programmed differently among Space, Backspace, Ctrl, Windows, command, Shift, Enter, Tab, Esc, or Fn.

This unique functionality allows you to put both your thumbs to work.

Two Custom Extra‑Wide Ctrl keys, and Two Custom Extra‑Wide Alt keys.

These Ctrl and Alt keys are unique and very comfortable. Lets you ease your workload by becoming very obvious to press without mishaps. Also allows you to easily press them with your palms to use key combinations while maintaining your wrists straight.

Ctrl and Alt keys along Spacebar keys are positioned symmetrically from your hands' neutral position providing unparalleled comfort.

Extra Ctrl key to the left of the "A" key.

Since their inception in all keyboards, the Windows and Menu keys have been placed inconveniently between the Ctrl and Alt keys, causing more problems and headaches than solutions.

We have fixed this problem by Minimizing the Windows and Menu keys. Positioning them to the far right side, for these to get pressed only when required, and ensuring you can work and play interruption‑free.

This also allows you to press the Extra‑Wide Ctrl and Alt keys easily and without concern of unintentionally pressing the Windows or Menu keys, as well as without absurd gimmicks in other keyboards to disable the Windows keys.

The directional keys are placed in a Perfected Diamond arrangement (3‑columns and 2‑rows), and have custom profile keycaps.

Our Ergonomics experience proves this key arrangement is more comfortable than others like "inverted T" or in a straight line.

Dedicated Cut, Copy, and Paste keys for faster and easier editing, without the need to remember key combinations or clicking your mouse.

Easy to press Extra Tall Delete key.

The Insert key has been inserted into Fn+F12 key combination to avoid accidental triggering the Overwrite/Overtype mode.

Extra‑Wide and easy to reach Esc key.

CapsLock key relocated to the top right corner so it gets pressed only when you really need it.

Full‑Size and grouped Function keys.

Extended Functionality like volume up or down, media player, play/pause, and previous and next track, among others.

Manufactured using our New Custom‑Made OPTICAL INFRARED Mechanical Key Switches

Our New Custom‑Made Optical Mechanical key switch emits and senses Infra‑Red (IR) light, compared to all other Mechanical switches that rely on obsolete metal‑to‑metal contacts or shameful rubber domes.

If you have never typed on a mechanical keyboard using Infrared switches, you don't know what you're missing.

Mechanical key switches contain actual springs and simply have a much better quality feel to them, and make typing more pleasurable while requiring less effort. Optical Infrared sensors are highly responsive and the most reliable, and are very satisfying to use.

Using Infrared light completely prevents and avoids wear of metal contacts, oxidization, corrosion, rust issues, debouncing glitches, performance degradation, duplicate key presses, key chattering, double letters, and missing letters - problems that plague all other Mechanical switches.

The Actuation point is set at a truly ergonomic distance of 1.9mm, along a comfortable total travel distance of 3.8mm. While all conventional keyboards force you to press their keys all the way to the bottom, causing discomfort, with ours you can only travel half the distance to type very comfortably.

Yields a Truly Fast Debounce time of only 0.3ms, compared to all others of between 5.0ms and 20.0ms. This allows You to type quickly while all key presses get properly registered.

Our New Custom‑Made Infrared Mechanical switches have an Extraordinary Feeling and Great Tactility, are more reliable than any other switch, and offer an Extraordinary Lifespan Guaranteed for 100 Million keystrokes; double the life compared to other mechanical switches and over 20 times more durable than all conventional keyboards using rubber domes.

The Perfected TKL Keyboard with Infrared Mechanical switches Lets You Type at the Speed of Light.

Replaceable and Swappable Key Switches

Our Infrared Mechanical Switches are Modular and Plate‑Mounted, not soldered to the electronic circuit board. They also do not have underside pins that can bend like in all other mechanical switches. Making them easily Replaceable and Swappable within seconds without the need of technical knowledge.

Being Replaceable and Swappable also eliminates the most likely point of failure of any keyboard: if a switch becomes defective, or if you want to change the feeling of any keys, it only takes a few seconds to fix or replace.

Perfected Keycaps

All keycaps appear to be floating. This style not only looks awesome, but also makes the keyboard easier to clean by preventing dust and crumbs from getting stuck inside the keyboard.

All keycaps incorporate a non‑glossy UV‑coating protection, which defends them from normal usage, grime, and dirt, keeping them looking like new for a long time.

Ergonomically sculpted keycaps ‑ DCS‑Family, have a different profile per row, making them ergonomic and comfortable using. Fully compatible with Cherry MX‑Type Cross‑Mount keycaps.

All wide keys include strong custom MX‑Type Cross‑Mount stabilizers, the highest quality for a satisfying feeling.

The overall unique design features a backslope stance, with concave‑cylindrical keycaps, providing a comfortable and ergonomically correct working experience, no matter how long you spent typing.

Customizable Bright White LED Backlight

Bright White LED Backlight ‑ the most comfortable color for you to see the keys under any light condition.

LEDs are installed on the PCB and not on the switch, empowering you to easily replace or swap switches within seconds.

Select between 10 Brightness levels, including All‑OFF.

Allows you to create up to 8 Customizable Backlight profiles, in addition to All‑ON and All‑OFF, letting you set which keys have their light ON or OFF per customizable profile.

Includes predefined defaults for Easy Typing as well as for Strategy Video Games like FPS, RTS, MOBA, ARTS, WASD.

You can enable or disable the Backlight with a simple keypress.

Dual Spacebar Keys

Put both your thumbs to work.

If you only use one thumb for spacing while the other thumb is in the air, enjoying a free ride, our Dual spacebar layout gives you an opportunity to use both thumbs and give your pinkies a break.

Each spacebar separately can be easily programmed differently among Space, Backspace, Ctrl, Windows, command, Shift, Enter, Tab, Esc, Fn, or Modifier‑mode.

Modifier‑mode provides an Optional Modifier Alternate layer

As an option, you can set either spacebar to become a Modifier‑spacebar.

Pressing the selected optional Modifier‑spacebar along other selected keys, sends special commands like the Directional‑keys, Home, End, Page‑Up, Page‑Down, Esc, Backspace, Delete, Tab, or Back‑Tab, without the need to move your hands from the home‑row.

High‑grade Aerospace Aluminum Slim Profile Body

Durable and Attractive slim profile body made of high‑grade Aerospace Aluminum alloy.

All screws are Hidden from view ‑ opposed to most keyboards which have exposed screws, particularly on the top side, providing an exquisite and pleasing modern design.

Our ultra slim profile helps You type comfortably without the need of a palmrest.

Cable Rerouting

Cable can be rerouted back‑centered or to either side.

Allows you to place the keyboard very near a Laptop or Monitor, have the cable on the opposite side of your mouse, and for the cable not to be obtrusive.

Extra‑Wide Feet

Extra‑Wide and extra‑sticky rubber feet that help the keyboard stay firm, preventing sliding while typing or gaming.

Water‑resistant  Dust‑resistant  Snack‑resistant

The Perfected TKL Keyboard includes an Advanced Nano‑coating Shield, protecting it by becoming water‑resistant, dust‑resistant, spill‑resistant, debris‑resistant, and even snack‑resistant.


Tired of typing the same text or commands over and over and over again. The Perfected TKL Keyboard allows you to create Macros with any sequence of letters, symbols like [ ! $ - _ ], and key‑combinations like Alt‑Shift‑Ctrl‑S, and then use them easily as many times as you need them.

100% Anti‑Ghosting Technology with Full N‑Key Rollover

With most other keyboards, you can only press a maximum of 2‑keys at the same time (plus modifier keys), which weakens your typing speed and can produce many errors.

With our Full N‑Key Rollover (Full‑NKRO), You can press your commands and as many simultaneous keys as you need, and they all register the way You intend.

Ultra‑fast Polling Rate of 1000Hz helps you type as fast as You want.

Onboard memory saves all your preferences ‑ Layout & Backlight profiles as well as Macros, even if the keyboard is disconnected or the computer is turned off.

All functionality via USB without the need of special software or drivers.

Key Switch Touch Feeling Availability

We provide different switch options for different typing styles:

Tactile and Clicky ‑ recommended if you like a soft-click sound per keypress.

Tactile and Silent ‑ recommended if you like Silent keypress.

Linear and Silent ‑ recommended for Gaming.

All our switches are much better than equivalent Cherry MX‑Type mechanical switches, while remaining fully compatible with MX‑Type Cross‑Mount keycaps.

Works with Windows, macOS, & Linux


You can easily switch between included Windows, macOS, and Linux layouts.

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