Short Learning Curve

The reality with the Truly Ergonomic keyboard:
most users type at over 80% of their normal speed within hours
and type faster and more comfortably within days

Fast Typing

“After a couple days of typing, I was able to reach about 90-95% of my normal typing speed,
and by the time two weeks had passed I was at 100% and perhaps a bit faster.”
Jarred Walton, AnandTech

Short Learning Curve  

Some argue there is a steep learning curve when adjusting to a new keyboard

“Believe them not”

“If you change nothing, nothing will change”

Consider that if you currently have pain in your wrists or are uncomfortable while typing,
is a clear signal that you must adjust or change something in order to reduce pain.

If you keep doing everything the same or keep using non-ergonomic keyboards,
you will continue having pain.

Don't expect to improve your health or reduce pain by changing nothing.

Consider you will be typing for years to come,
so a few days or a few weeks adjusting to a better typing position
by using the Truly Ergonomic keyboard
becomes trivial compared to a lifetime of healthy typing.

Your hands, wrists, and shoulders will feel better,
your typing speed will be the same or better as before,
and you will be able to accelerate your productivity in a comfortable and healthy manner.

Don't shy away from change,
embrace it for your own health.

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The Truly Ergonomic keyboard design follows the symmetric shape and neutral position of the human body,
promotes a healthier posture helping to reduce wrist, shoulder, neck, and lower back pain and strains,
and allows you to become more efficient and accelerate your productivity in a comfortable and healthy manner.

Helping you become productive in a comfortable and healthy manner
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