Media Control Keys

We play your media the easy way

All Truly Ergonomic keyboards include Media Control Keys, easy to use and very practical.

Truly Ergonomic keyboard Media Control Keys

When you require quick access to your default media player, previous track, play or pause, next track, volume mute, volume down, or volume up, you can simply press the Fn along the top row of keys F6 - F12, and the selected control is sent directly to the default media application without the need to change applications.

Additionally, when you require quick access to launch specific applications like the default Internet Browser, Mail, Search, My-Computer, or Calculator, you simply press the Fn along the top row of keys F1 - F5.

The blue symbols printed on the top row of keycaps represent these special controls.

Truly Ergonomic keyboard Media Keys

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The Truly Ergonomic keyboard design follows the symmetric shape and neutral position of the human body,
promotes a healthier posture helping to reduce wrist, shoulder, neck, and lower back pain and strains,
and allows you to become more efficient and accelerate your productivity in a comfortable and healthy manner.

Helping you become productive in a comfortable and healthy manner
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