Fully Programmable Custom Layout

Fully Programmable Custom Layout

The Truly Ergonomic keyboard provides for fully programmable keys and layout customization, allowing for uncommon and unique key configurations. Key configuration is saved internally in Firmware so the Truly Ergonomic keyboard can be moved between compatible computers without the need to install any additional software or to reprogram each time.

the Truly Ergonomic keyboard's firmware is fully programmable beyond what is available through DIP switches.

This means that you can simply plug in the keyboard and use it with the language of your preference as well as have a custom layout built into your keyboard with any combination of letters and symbols.

You can very easily change the logical position of any key, add logical keys, create your own custom layout, have diverse layers at the same time, and have two distinct layouts at the same time, amongst others.

No matter what compatible computer you plug in into, you can have the same layout without the need of any third party application or special drivers.

Additionally, you have the option to change any required keys for the letters or symbols of your preference. This includes all keys including both spacebars where each key can have its own functionality. There are no restrictions of which keys accept special letters/symbols or special functionality.

You can also visit our Support – Alternate Layouts section to review diverse layouts already made or to start the “Layout Designer” with a Default layout for your particular model/language.

Use these layouts as they are or you can open them in the Layout Designer to change required functionality, you can then save the firmware/layout file to upgrade your keyboard and save the layout as a new template for later use or to share it.

Multi Language

DIP switches

Multi Language

The Truly Ergonomic keyboard includes DIP switches to simplify changing key functionality between different Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, or OS X, and changing amongst diverse keyboard layouts/languages, without the need to install any software.

Without the need to reprogram or create a custom layout, the following layouts are already programmed in your keyboard:

  • ANSI English US
  • ISO English UK
  • ISO German DE
  • ISO French FR
  • ISO Russian RU
  • ISO Swedish SE
  • ISO Spanish ES
  • ISO Italian IT
  • JIS Japanese JP
  • ANSI/ISO Dvorak.

Each of these new layouts enhances the logical arrangement of keys to a more comfortable for each specific layout/language.

Visit our Default Layouts section to review above layouts.

You can learn more about designing your own custom layout in our Layout Designer section.

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The Truly Ergonomic keyboard design follows the symmetric shape and neutral position of the human body,
promotes a healthier posture helping to reduce wrist, shoulder, neck, and lower back pain and strains,
and allows you to become more efficient and accelerate your productivity in a comfortable and healthy manner.

Helping you become productive in a comfortable and healthy manner
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