Cushioned and Detachable Palmrest

Integrates a High-Quality Cushioned and Detachable Palmrest

Truly Ergonomic keyboard Removable and Cushioned palmrest

Provides required support when needed or if removed provides an even smaller footprint.

Manufactured with High-Quality and Highly-Durable materials that feel great and will last a life time.

Firmly attached with screws for a strong build

Truly Ergonomic keyboard underside screws

small footprint

Truly Ergonomic keyboard - small footprint

Approximate dimensions with removable palmrest: 328 x 235 mm (12.9 x 9.25 in)
Approximate dimensions without removable palmrest: 325 x 170 mm (12.8 x 6.7 in)

Truly Ergonomic keyboard shown without removable palmrest

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The Truly Ergonomic keyboard design follows the symmetric shape and neutral position of the human body,
promotes a healthier posture helping to reduce wrist, shoulder, neck, and lower back pain and strains,
and allows you to become more efficient and accelerate your productivity in a comfortable and healthy manner.

Helping you become productive in a comfortable and healthy manner
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