The Truly Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard & Numeric Keypad

A Revolution in Numeric Keypads

specifically designed for fast and comfortable Data Entry

The only Truly Ergonomic Mechanical Numeric Keypad that uniquely includes the addition of a BIG TAB & simultaneous use of numbers and directional keys

Uniquely includes the addition of a BIG TAB
& simultaneous use of numbers and directional keys

Our Revolutionary and Patented design means a comfortable and ergonomic user experience
for everyone that works in Data Entry, as well as with large scale projects, on an ongoing basis.

A Revolution in Typing

specifically designed to type comfortably

The only Truly Ergonomic Keyboard with mechanical keyswitches

The Perfect Combination of Ergonomics
and Mechanical Switches

Allowing for a comfortable typing experience.

All our models work with Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux

works with Windows®   works with Mac OS X®   works with Linux®

When your body wears out, what would you do?

Wrist Pain due to using Non-Ergonomic Products  

The long-term benefits offered by products designed for comfort are well worth the investment.

Even for professional typists who are fully adapted to conventional keyboards and numeric keypads, Truly Ergonomic offer improvements in well‑being and comfort that no one else does.

Truly Ergonomic is a Revolution in Computer peripherals
helping you work in comfort and to become more productive.

Truly Ergonomic products' design gently combines Ergonomics and Kinesiology, and are the result of years of research and development featuring effective design enhancements to aid in user's comfortable and stress-free operation.

Truly Ergonomic products are priced in line with their quality, benefits, and health advantages.

Helping you become productive in a comfortable and healthy manner
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